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All believers are called to live a life of blessing. Jesus called this The Abundant Life. But few have succeeded in living this kind of life, even though it should be the norm for all Christians. This website is dedicated to showing believers how to walk in blessing and live the Abundant Life

Living In Blessing Should Be The Normal Experience of Every Believer

But it isn't is it?

Les D. crause

Why is this?

Jesus said, "I have come that you may have life, and life in abundance"

Paul said,  "God has blessed us with every kind of blessing in the heavenly realm"

Yet if you look at your life right now, the chances are it is anything but filled with abundance. And sometimes it looks as if Paul lied - God does not appear to have blessed all of us with every kind of blessing there is.

So the question is,

"If God has promised us a life of blessing, then why is this not our normal experience?"

I am glad you asked that, because the main purpose for this website is to help answer that question. In fact, I hope to not only answer that question in some detail, but I also hope to set you on the right road to becoming a 'Normal' Christian.

And by 'normal', I mean someone who is continually walking in blessing and living the Abundant Life that Jesus spoke about. 


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Nothing Is Automatic

Experience shows that the following is true most of the time

  1. Jesus died for the sins of the world, but the whole world is not walking the highway to heaven
  2. Jesus died to free us from sin, but not all believers are walking with victory over their sins
  3. Jesus bore our sicknesses in his own body on Calvary, but not all believers are walking in divine health
  4. Jesus became poor so that we could become rich, but not all believers are walking in financial prosperity

Very few believers experience what Jesus bought for us, on a daily basis.

In fact, our most common experience is that life is filled with stress and conflict, lack and suffering. The way most believers live, you would wonder if Jesus' price on Calvary was worth the effort. 

It is so bad that sometimes we are afraid to share the Gospel with unbelievers, because they seem to be happy in their sin, and we do not want to mess their lives up by getting them to live like we do.

Where Is Our Promised Land?

In the Old Testament God led His chosen people out of the bondage of Egypt (a picture of the world system), to go and take their Promised Land, (a picture of the Abundant Life). And one of the most fascinating Bible studies is the journey from Egypt to Canaan. It is a picture of how to enter the Normal Christian Life.

Do you realize that as a believer in the New Testament you also have a Promised Land of blessing that you could be living in?

But it is not automatic. There is something you must do to enter into that land.

If you are weary of living a mediocre life of failure, then why not join me as we travel this journey to the Promised Land. I know that you will learn to appreciate more what you have as a believer, and you will find the true happiness and success that you have been looking for. 

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There is a Promised Land For Us to Take

God destined the Body of Christ to walk in prosperity and to take hold of the wealth of the wicked.

It has ALWAYS been His design for us as His children and He wants us to rise up and not be bound by any financial needs. God has a Promised Land for His Church and He wants us to take hold of it.

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Living The Abundant Life of Blessing

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